Relief From Pain

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to manage pain, and is even more effective today thanks to modern hypnosis techniques.

All forms of pain can be greatly relieved through the use of hypnosis. From localised pain such as dental work or medical procedures through to intractable pain which can seem to be coming from the whole body. Chronic and long-term pain such as arthritis, temporary pain such as child birth, and constant migraines can all be easily eliminated with hypnosis. Even phantom limb pain after an amputation.

But how can hypnosis create such wonders? By changing the brains interpretation we change the way it responds to signals from the nerve endings. The nerves still generate pain signals, but the brain simply ignores them. Because the brain no longer generates the sensation of pain, we no longer experience the discomfort.

BBC's One Show presenter Michael Mosley investigates hypnosis for pain relief with Dr. Stewart Derbyshire of Birmingham University.

Best of all hypnosis uses no drugs or chemicals, which means there are none of the side-effects that drugs and chemicals have. Unlike some medications for extreme pain, which feel like they have turned us into a zombie, we can be fully alert mentally and still enjoy the pleasure of having no discomfort thanks to hypnotic pain management techniques.

Our bodies often become used to the prescriptions given to reduce pain. This results in our medical practitioners having to prescribe either higher doses or stronger medications. Thankfully this is not an issue with hypnotic techniques which quite simply just work.

Our standard approach to any pain management also includes addressing stress. I am yet to meet a person suffering from pain who did not have stress as a result. The problem here is that one of the stress hormones called cortisol can increase sensitivity to pain. Because of this we feel more pain, have more stress which produces more cortisol causing us to feel more pain, which causes more stress and so on. By helping to reduce stress we can stop this vicious cycle in its tracks.

When seeing a clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in medical issues, such as at Lasting Results, there are many issues which require a doctors referral. Pain management is one of them.


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P.S. When you have 15 minutes to spare, watch this TEDx talk about how pain is a constructed output of the brain designed to protect us, by Dr. Lorimer Moseley, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences - University of South Australia.



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Hypnosis for Pain Management


Prior to the invention of chemical anaesthetics, back when patients were still being operated on whilst fully conscious, either strapped or held down screaming, the Scottish Surgeon James Esdaile (1808–1859) reported on 350 major operations he had performed using hypnosis as the only form of pain management.

His book "Mesmerism in India", published in 1850, describes 250 various surgeries using hypnosis for anaesthesia. In it Esdaile pointed out significant reductions in rates of mortality, morbidity and postoperative complications as a result of using hypnosis to eliminate the pain.

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