Fears & Phobias

Fear is a basic survival mechanism which creates a distressing negative sensation in response to a real or perceived threat. It is a perfectly natural response designed to help protect us from danger. It is a part of our brains emergency survival system.

When a fear starts to affect our lives, is being felt constantly, or becomes so intense that we are not able to function any more - then it is no longer healthy for us.

A phobia is the most intense fear-like reaction we can possibly have to a stimuli. Phobias can literally cripple us and our lives, and just like fears we can have a phobia about anything.

From Ablutophobia (Fear of washing or bathing) to Zoophobia (Fear of animals) and everything in-between. It's even possible to experience fear of the colour yellow - Xanthophobia - or be frightened of developing a phobia - Phobophobia.

The good news is that hypnotherapy is a fast and extremely effective cure for any type of fear or phobia, regardless of how debilitating it may be.


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Random Testimonial -

Overcome Fear & Phobias


Felix Baumgartner’s amazing record breaking sky dive almost didn’t happen.

During training Baumgartner had to fight his fear - and the urge to tell the team to get him out of the suit. "I couldn't even stand being in the suit on the ground."

The severe claustrophobic reaction to the pressure suit almost put the whole project in jeopardy. His solution – take time off from training and see a hypnotherapist.

Just as you can overcome your fear or phobia with Lasting Results, so contact me now for further information.